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Where will you get admission on your merit marks after 12th Science ? Education in Gujarat Engineering Section Pharmacy Section Medical Section Advanced College Finder Imp Links of Gujarat

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How to analyse your mock admission result ?

There are many resons behind failure of mock admission round.You can't be sure that you will get exact options as your mock admission round on time of actual admission round.

What you can derive from your mock admission results?

If you have got admission on last 10 seats of the branch and college combination.For example you got admission in Electronics and Communication Engineering of xyz college on last 10 left seats.In actual admission round you may not get the seats because 10 is nothing.10 students can easily change mind.You are on high risk.

Thinking in reverse way,if you have got admission on first 10 seats of a college and branch combination for example xyzEC then you have changes to get bit higher college and branch than this.Because you have to cross just 10 students to get a good college and branch than what you got in mock admission round.

If you have got admission on middle number seats there are less changes of getting higher option.For example a branch in a college is having 120 seats in it and you have got admission on around about 58th seat of it.You have less chances of getting better option.

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